Our Coffees

Our roaster is passionate about the entire process of achieving the finest cup of coffee-from acquiring the highest quality arabica beans to roasting exclusively on gas-fired coffee roasters. Each specific bean is roasted to its most desirable flavor characteristic.


Mojo's house blend

Our 'Full Body Roast', House Blend, is a unique three bean blend suitable for any occasion. It is our most popular blend which has a moderate acidity and complex, fragrant, nutty undertones.  Also available in SWP Decaf.  Swiss Water Process (SWP), is  a 100% chemical-free decaffeination process.

Sumatra French Roast

This dark roasted Indonesian coffee has a particular smokey tang with a hint of wood flavor.  Like most dark roasts, it has a full body with a long-lingering flavor.  If you are a dark roast fan, you will love this coffee!

Cerrado Espresso Blend

Our espresso blend is rIch and full-bodied, with moderate-to-low- acidity. This blend produces sweet, nutty espresso with thick, heavy cream.

Kaldi's Espresso Blend SWP Decaf

Kaldi was known as the first "Coffee Achiever", according to folklore, and discovered the arabica plant.  This dark roast blend is full bodied with mild acidity, and smoky chocolate/caramel undertones.

Light Roast

We feature a different single origin light roast every month from various regions. If you are a light roast fan, you will enjoy our selections.

Flavored Coffee

Our beans are roasted with natural flavors and we offer a different flavor each day.  We focus on seasonal flavors but tend to mix it up and always delicious!